Tétanos Mystique


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Enter the doom as the trigger has been pulled there's no shelter for wisdom through bloodshot eyes and at the deepest of my heart there's a society so broken up the power strife philosophy of a knife turned in a perpetual struggle assimilate and tolerate no mistake in the nomenclature of a bomb I know your wealth/ you better watch your steps/ you got to run home and lock at the door I know you want me to be your human wreck don't push me to the limits unless you want to die slow withering from a psychosocial cancer there's no shelter for wisdom for heart attack for eternally in lack there's a society so broken up as we're trapped in the god's blind spot truth is really hard to swallow the worst part in this hell is wondering how how I'll find the strength tomorrow? I am trapped in the middle of god's blind spot your god's blind spot... Now I will find the strength for tomorrow? To go doing what I did today... doing much...too long... where will I find the strength for all that stupid shit running around? I'm so fucked up…
You left me here but I ask you to never come back please let me sink in apathy I lost all desire to continue the journey when your quest is without end each day that passes takes me further from you and I'll do nothing to comfort you In exile of everything there's temptations we can't resist forget all thougths of my return in exile of everything, deep wisdom of serenity but I think no more at home Our island home, our island is brave, and so far beyond the waves, that we will no longer roam Lotus eaters! lotophagus mumur atarexia, tranquility holds no illusions atone no more backward no more foreward/ time passes in indolence awaken we swear an oath on torpor and numbness equal minds in the lotos fields/ we live and lie reclined on the hills we are like gods careless of all mankind lotophagus... When I've been so far (I knew) there was no coming home where I've been so far (I knew) there was no coming home
Le sevrage 04:02
Poison feeds servants of the night, of dim light (sadistic paradox) Take those pills just to stay awake, just to go to bed (sarcastic paroxysm) Lysergik master of my dreams, I'm your slave of phosphenes convulsive take the drugs just to ease the pain, ease the suffering and beauty shall be convulsive I'm the perfect imprefection my nerves are breaking in my head when there's no one to receive the friendly spirits of the dead our beauty shall be a convulsion withdrawal is waking my violent atavism
Like a lightning that dies at it's birth from the four bestial faces of horizon, I burn where the aether is at it's agony an offering to sins and scorn when the night is torn from herself wrapped in horror of living/ rolled by the wheel of thorns 1000 eyes are watching where the lightning shall fall rise! insurgent! I'm a doomsday preacher uncontrolled that read answers in the fire of your souls fire that consumed your fate the mask when you turned your face fools that torn their own image wrapped in horror of living/ rolled by the wheel of thorns I'm a doomsday preacher I read answers in the fire consumed in horror of living I don't need you no more in pessimism I acquired an acceptance of life
Love is a dog from Hell with the prestige of desire at the detour of a crisis and nocturnal throats to spark off individual equivocal only devoted to neglect amongst tombstones that erodes like idiot faces of colosses my jaw bites a toothless bite with no imprint a toothless bite without imprint love is dog from hell with the prestige of desire at the detour of a deep wound and nocturnal throats to spark off only devoted to neglect... neglect
Behind the smoke screen stings contaminated blades of abcesses of lockjaw curtain falls down on this putrid theater of bodies arched to the sky behind the black mirror we're absorbed like children brains children in distraction like pulled from above/ suffer limb by limb/ abandoned dignity/ abandoned majesty even the moon looks diseased, even the moon is diseased at the vault of the sky, bodies arched to the sky moon incubates at it's highest point/ black flamme dances at the zenith's mirror tunes of mercury on their lips needles are keyholes to open the prism of boundless worlds behind the smoke screen, when curtain falls down, behind the black mirror they're now uplifting like pulled from above/ suffer limb by limb/ abandoned dignity/ abandoned... take my hand/ put a needle in to open the prism, to open boundless worlds


released September 13, 2019


all rights reserved


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